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Sterling silver giraffe earrings

Most people know a little about silver jewellery but we get asked about the difference between Sterling silver, 925 silver, silver plate and other types of silver. So lets explain the differences. 


Silver in its purest form, also known as fine silver, is much too soft to make jewellery from, so it is mixed with other metals to make it much more durable. Basically 925 silver is a precious metal made from a mix of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals and is the same as sterling silver just using a different name! 925 is the hallmark stamped onto the jewellery to show you what you are buying. 


Silver plated items are made from a base metal (usually copper) and just dipped or coated in silver.  They are cheaper than 925 silver and generally won't last as long as solid sterling silver items as eventually the silver coating wears off. 


Our sterling silver earrings are made from 925 silver and are stamped as such.  We work with our suppliers to make sure we get great prices for you so you can wear sterling silver everyday, give it as gifts and still find it affordable. 

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